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Monday, 1. September 2014 14:36
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Saturday, 3. March 2007 20:47  Write a comment

Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, done with such loving care.
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Tina Jones  
Tuesday, 13. February 2007 22:33  Write a comment Send E-mail

A fantastic site - such wonderful history you've gathered here.
Thank you for all the work you've put into this and the respect that comes through - I'll mention this site whenever I get the chance.
Fantastic work.
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Dai Floyd  
Thursday, 9. March 2006 15:44  Write a comment Send E-mail

Researching my own family history in the first war, come across th is site, very interesting i must say, i'm originally from south wales, but my wifes'great granfather served with the buffs in mesopatamia, and we have some letters photos etc, if you are interested in copies of these please let me know.
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Claire Bernthal  
Wednesday, 1. March 2006 20:28  Write a comment

Hi, I am a teacher at Murston Junior School in Sittingbourne. I am planning 'A Local Study' for my year 5/6 Class on the area and decided to look look at World War I. This site has been fantastic and the information about people from the local area invaluable. Thanks. I plan for the children the write letters to the soldiers in the trenches commenting on their situation. I am very excited about this project.
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Neil R Clark  
Ashford Kent
Saturday, 21. January 2006 19:07  Write a comment

What a superb website! Easy to navigate and full to the brim with interesting and hard to obtain local information. Well done to all concerned. Surely a fine example to those of us interested in the Great War and local civic tributes...
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alex wharfe  
Tuesday, 10. January 2006 16:50  Write a comment

I didn't know this was here until now i'm looking on here for a history project that we are doing :)
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Tuesday, 10. January 2006 14:10  Write a comment

i did'nt know this site was here but i'm pleased now that i've come across it. GREAT WEBSITE!
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pat harvey  
Thursday, 5. January 2006 22:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

Nice page i lived in eastbourne street near the paper mill until i was 11 years old,most of my family worked in the paper mill.
If anyone from easbourne st reads this i would love to hear from them.
My familys name Horsford
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Dennis L. Blewitt, J.D.  
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Tuesday, 27. December 2005 05:38  Write a comment Send E-mail

This is an informative, well structured site. I recently visited the area for the first time to see Upchurch, Where my Grandfather and Great-grandfather lived. I particularly liked the memorial in St Mary's commemorating my grandfather's brother. The hospitality of the villagers was amazing.
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Terry Matson  
Tuesday, 15. November 2005 22:54  Write a comment

I found this page very helpfull, as I am researching Milton & Sittingbourne my self.
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Sylvia Cole  
New Ash Green, Kent
Wednesday, 9. November 2005 14:58  Write a comment Send E-mail

I came across your site whilst researching the Trowell family, my ancestors. An absolutely fascinating set of pages and very distracting. I was interested to find a reference to Alfred Edgar Trowell and don't know if we are related or not. However the other information you provide is so fascinating this could keep me sidetracked for hours.
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Allan Gardiner  
Saturday, 1. October 2005 08:44  Write a comment Send E-mail

Believe it or not I was tracking a parcel when your town came up as the first stop for my goods. Like you I lost a lot of relatives in the Great War and it is good to see they are not forgotten. Excellent
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Richard Turrell  
Maidstone kent
Saturday, 27. August 2005 19:42  Write a comment

Steve, I had not visited the site for some time, I am more impressed with the content than before, my eldest son has spent hours on it researching, keep up the good work.
We and our children MUST NEVER forget all of those who gave their lives for us all.
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David Bavin  
Bookham, Surrey
Wednesday, 10. August 2005 14:02  Write a comment

r.e. your comment that Donald Dean was a great man - he would have been embarrassed by such a description, but I thank you. I remember him as a kind, humouous, gentleman - still missed by many.
Your site is by no means humble, it is an excellent piece of work - well done.
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Steve Western  
Monday, 1. August 2005 18:16  Write a comment

Excellent website Steve.

Lived most of my life in Sittingbourne without appreciating the sacrifices made by the town..........until I found your site
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Thursday, 28. July 2005 17:16  Write a comment Send E-mail

How did you get the picture of
(my father)
can you get back as soon as possible.
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David Bavin  
Bookham, Surrey
Thursday, 21. July 2005 10:00  Write a comment

I had visited the site unknowingly before as I was searching for my Grandfather, Donald Dean VC. My Great Aunt made me search again, as there is also her father WR Wood on the site, father of Marjorie Wood, who married Donald Dean.

Its an honour to have the relative of this great man visit my humble site ...

Charlotte Vamos:
I was visiting the site to find information on my Grandfather's uncle Laddie Doubleday and found info on Donald Dean who was also a relative but I am not sure of the exact family connection. I am assuming he was Laddie Doubleday's cousin as they were a similar age. My grandfather (now sadly dead) said Laddie Doubleday was a wonderful man, greatly loved by his family. Fascinating stuff. Fascinated to know whether David Bavin's aunt knew my Great Grandfather Leslie Doubldeay or Grandfather Gordon Doubleday.

David Bavin:
In reply to Charlotte Vamos. My mother (nee Dean) certainly knew Leslie Doubleday, I shall find more info from her
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B J Barnett  
Saturday, 11. June 2005 02:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

I am from Wales, livd in London, I met and married a Sittingbourne girl, moved to S/B and found the biggest family I have ever met!! Something in the water?

I am looking to gen up on the local history which is an interest of mine, so this is a fabby starting place for me.

Rgds etc
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Phillip Mount  
Brisbane, Aust
Monday, 6. June 2005 03:59  Write a comment

This site was very good
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Susan Clements  
East Sussex
Monday, 16. May 2005 21:42  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi thank you for your wonderful site. I left Sittingbourne 7 years ago and miss it terrible. I do the families history and had been searching for one of my Young's for over 6 months. I found your site and wow there he was with information, and his brother, we need more people like you and more sites like this. Keep going it is a fantastic site what an honour to those who gave there lives for us. My very best wishes to you and many thanks Sue
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